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Your say : Jan 2001

I have recieved lots of mail from people about the Chords and the site, so I thought I would include some here for you. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have recieving them. If you would like to send any comments about the group or the site follow this link to the contact page. I will add more to this page soon.


On July 1st 1981 The Chords played the Electric Stadium at the Greyhound Chadwell Health Essex,the support band was The Stripes who had just released their highly collectable single One Step Ahead (80.00 at Detour Records)We even gave some copies of the single away that night.How do I know this stuff? I was playing drums for The Stripes and what a great night it was with The Chords doing rock standards in the sound check , hot and packed out with mods it was like stepping back in time. It was nice to see the band at the Mods Mad Day.
Paul Guidotti

  just thanks for starting up this site. The Chords were one of my fav bands and i was sorry to see them split. It was only by chance that i saw the new cd and found this site from the cover. One question i do have is do you know any one who still has the John peel stuff as my tape wore out some years ago now and i have never been able to replace it. well thanks again and i hope you can help me
Steve Scutt .

What a fantastic website! I was lucky enough to have seen one The Chords all-but-brief reunion (two gigs!) in 1994 - in Gillingham, Kent. They sounded brilliant, despite Billy's voice being fucked. I had wanted to see them since my mate who was a mod had played me "So far away" way back in 1987! I have get to get the new compilation, but I will soon :o)
Pete Cole


Billy, Chris, Martin, I'd just like to say Hello and how are yer all?? I was one of the faces from Barking and Dagenham '79-80. Me, John, Dave Lawrence the Meakin Brothers Jamie O'Keefe amongst others. We all used to drink in the Barge in Barking. Remember???

Well I do and we all drunk together along with Billy's brother I was at every wellington Gig, Jam support Gig, Mods Mayday, Enfield (Infamous Billy Idol incident!)and always up the Bridge House! Anway maybe you do remember maybe you dont, just wanted to say hi and thnx for being a part of the best years of my life! Maybe Tomorrow still does it for me...

Wish you all the very best, Ray PS, please mail me if you do anything like the '99 Mayday again, be great to catch up with you all again.


: I just wanted to share some memories of the Chords. I think it must have been late '81 that me and a mate travelled from Derby to Ipswich by train to see the band. It took us bloody ages to get there and we were going to have to sleep on Ipswich station after 'cos there wasn't a train back 'till the next day.

The gig was at the Cornexchange and as we had nothing better to do we found the venue and went to the pub across the way. Big supprise when we got in there as the band were there. We got chatting and they decided that we must have been "f***in' mad" to go to all that trouble just to see them, they reckoned they weren't that good! Anyway a fantastic gig made all the more worthwhile having got to meet our hero's, and twenty years later they still rate as one of my favourite bands. Thanks for the site and the opportunity to go off on one.

  I loved the Chords when you started and I am glad to see that they have "resurfaced." The song "In My Street" is one of my all-time favorite songs; I have played it often on my radio show. Thanks for having this site!!
Durward Potter
  After all this time,where have you been!!! I've looked,waited so long for a Chords site,then BANG,re issue albums,best of and soon[I hope]the BBC sessions,including an amazing ,from what I recall,Tumbling Down[as heard while camping In the Brecon Beacons]. Let me know if they're playing anywhere soon. THANK YOU for making my wish come true
Gary Pritchard

Finally The Chords on CD! I have searched for Cd's or vinyl for years. (I had my Chords stuff ripped off years ago). I am from Toronto, Canada and the access to Mod related stuff here is nil. I even went to London, England 5 years ago and searched high and low for Chords related stuff, but found nothing.

Then in 1999 I was back in London and in a scootering magazine I see to my surprise and excitement, Mod's Mayday 1999!!!!!! How perfect was my timing...So my girl and I ventured to the Forum for an evening of fun and nostalgia...then...I hear that the Chords are playing as well!!! Sometimes life is good. I'm glad they are getting the attention they deserve. GOD DAMN BRILLIANT BAND.
Kirk Hipkiss

  I've just bought the This is what they want c.d and think it is fantastic!I've been trying for years to get a good copy of their one and only album so the release of this was well worth waiting for.Nice web site.Cheers!!!!
Weston Wright
  it's great to have a site dedicated to one of the greatest bands ever. i saw them a few times first time round and loved every minute of it. Cheers
Steve Grant
  Chords Music has been a thrill to listen to from day one. I still enjoy listening to those songs and jolly happy there finally coming out on CD format
Steve Rivers
  Got the new cd anthology, forgot just how good, and under rated the Chords were, shame they didn't stick around.
Simon Franklin
  Great site, bought the double album on the strength of it has it brings back memories of when I saw The Chords play about 5 dates with The Undertones in Spring of 79 Keep the good work up with the site cheers
Nick Dutton
  Hello from Canada. I just thought I would check out the page, as I just received the new CD for Christmas, what a brilliant present! I was wondering if the band would maybe be doing a reunion tour, and if Toronto was on the cards.
Stephen Cox
  if you give me an address would it be possible to send the front cover of "this is what they want" to be signed by the band members.i have been a fan of "the chords since their beginning way back when.i'll pay for the postage. i would like to see the chords play in Durham or nearby as they seem to reform now and then.the north east lacks good bands like "the chords" we have a lot of interest up here as there is a lot of scooter clubs here. i'd even arrange places for them to kip as i have a decent size house if theyre interested.for free.
Tony Duncan

I was aware they admired each other's bands back in the day. By the way, I'm a Yank, I was born and raised in Los Angeles, only been over to the UK once in 1987.

I was turned onto the music by a friends brother, who The Chords and The Undertones were and still are friendly with. He is also still close to Paul Weller, his name is Rick Gershon. He still speaks to Damien every couple of months and was really good friends with Buddy from the Chords. I am friends with Rick Buckler to this day, also have a good friend who is close to Rick Buckler named Neil Tinning who was the official tour photographer for the Jam 1981-1982.

Neil lives in Newcastle, which is also where Jake Burns of Stiff Little Fingers now calls home. I have always said that if the Chords had been able to stay together and not self destruct they would have been a band for the Jam to contend with, but unfortunetly they split up, and went AWOL for years.

Anthony Maynall of Squire moved to California in the early 80's, but never really was able to do anything with his musical talents. We had a nice scene going here in the early 80's, always a few years behind the UK, but still a good scene. I was able to see a bunch of great bands way back when, like Madness, Bad Manners, The Jam, The Stranglers, Psychedelic Furs, Elvis Costello, Squeeze, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Alarm, U2, The Smiths as well as our local bands. It was great, because the time I saw the shows was just when a lot of these bands were very unknown here, and just getting their feet wet. Most of them were coming to the states for the very first time so it was a treat to see them raw and non commecialized.

I have been collecting a lot of Mod stuff, music as well as magazine articles from the late 70's early 80's the past 15-20 years, so I have a nice collection of NOS singles as well as magazines. We have had a nice scooter scene developing the past year, where we have a lot of people riding their bikes again, which makes for large rides for US standards, with weekly rides every Sunday, since here in Los Angeles our winter has not yet hit.

It's 75 degress outside, light breeze, but perfect scooter weather.
Neil Shafton


It all takes me back to my youth!I got a shiver when they turned up on TOTP2.Excellent page, keep it up!

I always thought that The Chords were by far the best of the 79 mod bands. In chris they had the best songwriter of that year and Including Weller, although Weller readdressed that later. They peaked in 1980 with the British way of Life and In My Street which were there best producd recordings-Although Maybe Tommorow is one of my favourite songs of all time-bar none.

The Chords had one weakness and i can remember talking to Geoff Gladding (Goffa) about it and he agreed. They didnt have a manager with say the clout of John Weller behind them. Paul Halpin although Chris's mate didnt have the nous. I never understood why Polydor let this happen after the investment behind, and Dennis Mundays opinion of the Chords is well known.

I got to be quite friendly with Chris and Buddy and in the end we used to go out saturday nights, with Buddy and Chris drinking 15 pints and me driving them back home to Orpington and Catford. Buddy do you remember us going to the 81 milk cup final and we (tottenham) got stuffed 1-3 by Liverpool, you didnt say a word for 2 hrs (I think Ed from The Vapors) was with us ?

Another funny night was when we went to The Venue (Victoria) with some free tickets to see Gary US Bonds (of all people) Chris at the same time was in dispute with Bryan Morrison the publisher. As we walked in the bar Morrisson was there and ran after Chris up the street-But luckily Chris got away.

I have bought the new CD and I had forgotten how great this band actually were ! They would have pissed all over the 96 Britpop bands like shed seven, et al. The re-recording of British way of Life, just shows how strong the songs were. The Chords were unlucky that 1981 came along and things changed. Buddy if you see this, give me a call we must have a beer sometime! say hello to Chris as well Best rgds

  i had the honour of supporting the chords a few years back in was for me the highlight of being in the band the chosen...the chosen were trying very hard to be a 90s version of the experience ill never forget... thanks to billy for his christmas card and video of the buddy for being the best chris pope for writing the greatest mod tunes ever..ant to martin for the nice words at the forum at mods mayday god bless the chords
Donny muir
  What a great few weeks it's been ... hearing some new (to me anyway) Chords material and chatting to Billy in dublin last weekend at the Undertones gig! The new CD is better than I had ever hoped. Unreleased stuff from 20 years ago, new material and superb sleevenotes. What a fantastic package. Guys, it's great to see you back (sort of). I still have my fanclub membership card from all those years ago and those songs are still some of the best ever written. It would be great if you could play Scotland again!!
Yair Goodfellow
  Very impressed. I first saw them as a support act for the Jam at the 'Rainbow' theatre. A very, very under rated band. I actually co-promoted a gig at Northampton which they played at. I imagine that upon reflection the band themselves must feel maybe a little 'cheated' about the hand fate dealt them because in Chris Pope they had an exceptional song writer and as a band an awesome sound. Your own musing about what might have been are my sentiments entirely. Regards