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Your say : 2000

Sadly my LP and singles are long gone as the result of many moves. I do have my fond memory of seeing them at the Lyceum with the Undertones on 1979! Wicked gig though when Billy's strap came off he stood looking like a complete twat and seemed to be waiting for a roadie to help him out! Still a great sound and show. The one thing I remember about the Undertones that night was being at the front of the pack once before the show started and by the end of the first song being bounced all the way tp the back! Madness!
I saw them a lot, still at the age of 35 have a passion for some of their tunes.
Tony C
I'm an American who happens to dig the Chords. Moved to London last July and caught the show at the wedding reception in Liverpool seeing them for the 1st time. It was fantastic! Also, In My Street is one of my personal favorites...but then nobody said Americans have good taste. Incidentally, the intro to Street was used on aGuitar Center commercial in the states. I guess my favourite Chords song would be 'One More Minute', even though Billy doesn't sing on it. It's just a great song. Wonderful lyrics....but then, 'Something's Missing' might be there too. Call it a tie, I guess. Thanks for putting the site up. Hope there is a lot of interest.

Please pass on to the band that it would be excellent to hear them do some new material as well. Maybe they could do a new tape and sell it through the web site. It wouldn't have to be super slick as far as production but I'm sure that lots of fans out there would love to hear more stuff.

Guy Malkerson
Loved the site. Managed to find out a lot about the band that I didn't know, although I did ask Buddy once about the kids band photo. He said he found it after his parents house burned down- ??? (And it wasn't any of them in the photo either) I only saw the Chords live twice, but it just so happens once was their last gig at the Marquee. I got soaked in sweat and went back to Cheltenham on the train after. I just wore a red Chords t-shirt and almost died of pneumonia.
Steve Niblett
Great site, well done! I used to like the Chords back in the late 1970's and it's great to see that there's still some interest out there.
Steve Metcalfe
Well done Andrew I knew someone would do a Chords web site eventually.Very good it is to I have tried every Search Engine possible trying to find a Chords site then this morning in the post at long last The Chords CD Captain Mod Mark Brennan and Dizzy deserve a medal unlike the snobs at Polydor (who are only interested in Jam re-issues) which is Ok, but The Chords were and still are brilliant and the young and some of the older mods who missed out on this band now have the chance to hear the PREMIER MOD band from 79.The CD is brilliant and sounds brilliant on CD (I got your web site address off the sleeve notes).
steve the mod
I'm the son of Martin Mason, I thought I'd just say that I am really impressed with this ßsite. My dad is really pleased with the new CD, he can't stop playing it!
James Mason
great site-at last!!keep it up,eh??
Kyle Turner
This is USA calling! I was first introduced to the Chords via "The Last Stiff Compilation" which had "maybe tomorrow" (1980). (That same LP introduced me to Moddettes, Motorhead & Cockney Rejects.) That was 1981! (Damn, am I really THAT old?) The following year I got "Twenty of Another Kind Vol. 2" (Polydor 79) with "now it's gone". (It also has great songs by Twist, Headboys, Lurkers, Sham 69, Jam, Invaders UK, Purple Hearts, Protex, Carpettes, Xdreamysts, etc.) The Chords' LP was NOT released in the US and I didn't get it until 1992! (A handful of UK punk/new wave LPs were issued over here, however, including one of my favorites the Photos).

Thanx for keeping their legacy alive! God bless...

lloyd salisbury
Excellent site for a great band!!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!!!
Gavin Rowe
At last it's great to see a site dedicated to a band which deserves all the recognition and praise of their only too short career. In my mind they were superb and penned brilliant songs, "Maybe Tommorow" has to be an all time classic with one of the best guitar intros you are likely to hear. I was lucky to see them back in 1980 and they were an excellent live act as well. Shame it's took 20 years for the studio album to be issued on CD, but worth the wait. It would be intresting to know what the lads have been involved with during the years gone by.
Dean McDonald
I've been a fan of the Chords for 20 years, and it'sgreat to see a revival of interest in the band.
Marc Bennett
What an excellent site - one of the most underated bands ever. You can tell from my e-mail address how much of a fan i am. Got to see The Chords for the first time at Mods Mayday 99, they were AWESOME. Also got to meet 3 memebers back in May at the 100 club - Brett, Buddy and Martin. Anyway, great site it's good that bands like this are not forgotten.
Its about time we had a site for one of the best bands to grow up with. I had theoppertunity to see the last three gigs but unluckily could only make Mods mayday and what a day that was. Lets hope they do some more gigs soon.
Great site and long overdue. I was thinking about putting up a small Chords site myself, but there's no need tonow. Keep up the good work.
Very cool site!!!
Matthias Tretera
The last 2 singles (which I never heard originally) released on cd. Any idea when or if that will happen. I enjoyed the site very much, it brought a lot of 20 year old memories back to a 38 year old man!
kevin thomas
there is much music which i like.
roman in der stroth
hi, loved the site. I was a Mod back in '83 - 90. The Chords were my favourite band. I scoured every record stall in Camden Market looking for their vinyl. I've just bought 'So Far Away' on CD after an eternal wait for someone to see sense and give this album the release it deserves. It still sounds as good to me as a 30 year old as it did to me when I was 13. I look forward to seeing if 'The Best Of' album comes out. I hope it does as I just love 'One More Minute' and 'Turn Away Again'. Talking of 'Turn Away Again': It is not a poem on the reverse of the cover, although its laid out like one, it is actually taken from a speech made by Roosevelt. That was something else from The Chords that stayed with me. I spent years tracking it down. ( you can tell I'm getting old now ).
Anyway, I've said enough for today. Keep the Faith.

Great site dedicated to the best band of 1979 (and that includes the Jam).
Tony Parsons
Good to see someone other than myself a chord fan. I'm in the states and the drummer for Rhythm Collision a california punk band.
tony cicero
I saw them in 1980 in Edinburgh, again at the 100 Club (with Grant Flemming) a few years back and lastly at Mods Mayday 99 and would put all three gigs in my top awesome band.
Congratulations on an excellent site. I have been occassionally searching the web for the last 4 years or so waiting for it to happen. My favourite band from my younger days. I first heard now its gone in around '84, and have cherished my vinyl ever since. Note that I disagree with your comments on "things we said". I loved the song and have very fond memories of it. An aggressive "punchy" song with an excellent bass line. Please keep me informed of new developments etc. I would love to get some video, as I imagine that the chords are unlikely to tour here( Australia) . Again, congratulations and thanks.
Excellent site mate..never thought that one of my favourite bands from 79 would still be getting as much interest now..
The first time I saw the Chords was in Gloucester. I borrowed my mum's car for the first time and bumped it on the way to the Roundabout Club. I espied Buddy at the bar, buying a drink in almost total obscurity, and immediately challenged him to sign my four Picture sleeve singles I had stuffed up my t-shirt in one of those plastic wallets. I explained that I had written to him a few weeks before and he had only replied to my letter that day, so no further introduction was necessary. I felt totally self-conscious as I has lost a contact lens that day and was wearing a pair of uncool NHS black specs, and to make it worse, a pair of plastic brown boots; at least I had my new pair of Levi's on. Nevertheless Buddy was unfazed and bought me a drink, - pop stars don't do that do they?

I then followed Buddy backstage and was introduced to the band as the 'guy who thought that Martin Mason looked cool'. 'Oh, you're the one' preceded somechoice comments. Well, obviously the others didn't agree; I was asked to re-visit that thought and form a different opinion. Billy then offered me a Kit-Kat, hmmm... they are so Rock and Roll I thought - he didn't look happy though, something was amiss, maybe leading upto his departure many months later. ('We don't want to do our dirty washing in public' was the press release at that time. Perhaps they can tell us now?)

A strong set followed, marred only by Billy's disappearance during the break in 'So Far Away', oh, and the absence of Martin's backing vocals as well - a common trait I was informed. After the sweatbath, the band retired to the bar area and I joined B
Hi, Congratulations on an excellent site. Just got the CD 'So Far Away' this week and have been listening to it non stop. My only regret was not seeing the band first time round as they only played in Newcastle once before they split. I am pleased to know they are back in business and hope if things go well they might venture up to the north east again. Keep up the good work. I will be a regular visitor to the site now I know it exists.
Keith Anderson
The Chords to me were the main band to come out of the late seventies Mod scene and that includes The Jam. The band always had the edge that a lot of the other Mod acts lacked and it is this which set them apart. I have saw them only three times, in Edinburgh in 1980, at the 100 Club in the mid 90's and at the Mods Mayday 99 gig and each time they have been awesome. Lets hope they will give me the opportunity to see them again.
Excellent news about The Chords rarities CD.Ê I saw The Chords several times, the Marquee and the Electric Ballroom being particularly memorable! I recall interviewing Chris once (being an extremely pretentious trainee journalist at the time!), and seeing both him and Buddy in Agent Orange and the Tin Soldiers after the Chords. Please pass on to Buddy my regrets that the superb "The Rage" ever split up, and what ever did happen to Derwent! "Maybe Tomorrow", "So Far Away" and "Tumbling Down" still summon up memories of the early Eighties for me - any news of any live dates in the near future?
Ian Dunstan
One More Minute is by far my favorite Chords tune. I live in New York and I stupidly never bought One More Minute when it ws released. Friends of mine used to play it, though. Little did I realize how hard it would be to come across as tme transpired.I eagerly await getting ahold of the Best of Chords CD, having just bought So Far Away, another former rarity. Thanks for the website. The few of us Yanks, for whom the career of the Chords means anything at all, salute you.
Kevin Hogan
I saw The Chords serveral times in the 80's and after the Small Faces, The Jam and The Beatles they are my favorites which is going some. There are so many great band that I adore so for the Chords to beat The Who, Sex Pistols, The Clash, Purple Hearts (only just) and Long Tall Shorty (I could go on all night) it goes to show how highly I rate them. To see them again at the Mod Mayday 99 was the highlight of the 90's for me. I never thought I'd see them again. I still have all the records in a safe place and only get them out when I want to re-record the tape I keep in the car. Now that I have the CD I won't have to bother. It's great to have a sight dedicated to them and I'm glad that there are others out there who still bare the mark that they imposed on us. I am not alone after all. I'm looking forward to printing off all the lyrics. Well done
Terry Cecil aka Charlie Magri
The most underrated band of the Mod revival era, too young to see them in the early 80's. Forward to Mods Mayday 99 - finally get to some of my other heroes "The Purple Hearts" and do not find out until the day that "The Chords" are playing, MM99 is now perfect in my eyes. What a set, finally get to know what people mean by "WALL OF SOUND" they were awesome - easily best band of the day.
James Cooper
Love the site and the introduction of the lyrics page. The cd brings back memories that my lack of something to play vinyl on has denied me. All I need now is a Purple Hearts cd released and I'll be in mod heaven.
Waves of nostalgia. Saw the band 3 or 4 times at the Marquee and 100 Club and also when supporting The Jam ('79??).