Music :
In this section you can download music files, see the top five Chord songs and the guitar chords to some of the songs.

Chords Equipment
Chris Pope : Gibson Les Paul Special and Junior Guitars, Marshall Master Volume Stack Amplification.

Billy Hassett: Fender Telecaster, Rickenbacker 330 sunburst, Vox AC 30.

Martin Mason : 2 Fender Precision Bass Guitar, Hiwatt Bass Stack.

Buddy Ascott : 6.5"* 14" Snare, 22" Bass Drum, 13", 14" , 15", 16" Toms- Toms, 16" and 18" Floor Toms, 252 Premier bass drum pedals, Premier Tri-lok Hi-Hat and cymbal stands. (all drums made by Premier).

General : Rotosound strings, Gibson Heavy plectrums, Wing 'C' drumsticks.

The Top Five so far (20 / 10 / 2000)
1) So Far Away
2) Maybe Tomorrow
3) British Way Of Life
4) In My Street
5) Somethings Missing
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Music to Download
1) Maybe Tomorrow
2) Somethings Missing
3) The British Way of Life
4) One More Minute (nb .wav file)
5) So Far Away

The music files are mp3's. If you need a player I recommend you go to either or

Guitar Chords and Sequences
If you would like to see a particular songs guitar sequence let me know and I will work it out. For now I have worked out my favourites. I have the words for 'Maybe Tomorrow' which I have checked with Billy in a rather amusing phone call.

As with most Chord songs, their are played mainly with barr chords. On some songs the G and C chords are some times played open with the third finger holding the D note on the B string. This style of playing is very Mod. I will be putting pics up of the chord shapes soon. These shapes also help to play the chords quickly, like the start of Maybe Tomorrow.

Maybe Tomorrow
Intro = G D C D
Verse = C G C G C G Em Bm Em Bm Em A
Chorus = G D C D
Middle 8 = F#m E F#m A B E
Chorus = A E D E
Verse = D A D A D A F#m C#m F#m C#m F#m B
Chorus = A E D E
End = A D A D A D A D A D E D E A

Sometimes I just get a feeling
Crazy dreams inside
People hiding wearing uniforms
Screams of laughter shouts you lied
Pointed fingers and questions why
Scared scared people with their lives all torn

A real sound
From the streets
From the towns

Sometimes I watch and wait
Signs of voices and screams
Dreaming now is this just a funny joke
Can this all be just a dream
Oh no it can't be it's to obscene
Thats when I see you staring at me

A real sound
From the streets
From the towns
Silent Footsteps
Whispers all about
It's too late
The deadly underground

Cause we saw you
Surely not this time
Yes we saw you
You were wearing the uniforms
Yes you were wearing the uniforms
But it ain't no crime

Sometimes I go all silent
And lose all sense of time
Your hating mind eyes with thought
Where and when the sun don't shine
When the dogs don't bark or whine
Thats when I see you stare around

Or just lies
From those who
Talk with lead
Be good now
And don't do nothing
Cause if you do
Bang bang
Bang bang
Your dead

Now It's Gone
Intro = Asus4 E sus4
Verse = A E (lots)
Bm D Bm E

Play this sequence through twice

I'm Not Sure
Intro = G D C D
Verse = G F C * 4
Bb F Bb F Bb C
Chorus = G D C D
MIddle 8 = Ab A B E *2
Bb F Bb F Bb C
Chorus to end

One More Minute
Intro = C Bb C Bb
Verse = C F *8
Dm C Bb * 3
G Bb C
Chorus = C Bb C Bb F Bb F Bb
Middle 8 = F Bb C G
F Bb C
Chorus to fade

The British Way of Life
Intro = C G D G D G D G C *2
Verse = C G C G C G D * 2
Bridge = A D A D A D E D Chorus = G A, D E A
A G, D E A
A G F# E, D E A Asus4
Middle 8 = E A *8
Chorus = D E A * 4
Fade = E A

Happy Families
Intro = C B C B G * 2
A D Dsus4 *4
Verse = Em G D, Em G D, Em G D, Em G D , A D Dsus4, A D Dsus4 'all this twice'
Chorus = Bb F C G * 4
Bridge = C G C G
Half Verse
M8 = C D E D * 3 D C G
Half Verse
Chorus Eb B b F C *4 F C

To play the start of this song, you will have to play a open C and drop the root note down to the B, you do not play a whole B chord. Interestingly this effect can be heard on most Oasis tunes.