Chords tour
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On the site there are many pictures, some from the private collections of the band, a very long discography section, where you can find out about what the songs are about and anything connected with them and a exhaustive biography section. If your are wanting to hear what the band sound like go to the 'Downloads'.

If there is anything you would like to see let me know , get in contact.

I hope your enjoy the site and email me your comments.

So please do say hi to , if you do want to interact with Chords fans the facebook pages are very good. Facebook chords page here. and another one here !

The poster says something about a new Single 'Another thing coming' out in August. From what i can gather Billy did his vocal in Japan and the guys here in blighty ala 'Ebony &Ivory' style.Cant wait to hear it.

The Pope stuff Chris & Buddy (now with Mic Stoner) is very good, their playing together has got them really tight and hard. The Chords gigs should benefit strongly from it.
The Top Five so far (01 / 07 / 2001) :
1) Maybe Tomorrow
2) So Far Away
3) The British Way of Life
4) Somethings Missing
5) It's No Use
New things on the site, Sept 2005

Pope Gig review, Cambridge 3rd Sept 2005

Chris and buddy have a new band called Pope, you can find out about the band and download music from the site.