Now It's Gone
Maybe Tomorrow
Something's Missing
The British Way of Life
In My Street
One More Minute
Turn Away Again
So Far Away
No One's Listening Anymore
This Is What They Want
BBC Sessions
Mods Mayday
No One Is Listening Anymore (Live at the Rainbow 1980)
Unicorn PHZA-1
Highest chart position : ?, ? week on chart
Released: 1986

Side One
Something's Missing

Happy Families

It's No Use

Now it's Gone

I'm Not Sure

The British Way of Life
Side Two
So Far Away

I'll Keep On Holding On

Tumbling Down

Maybe Tomorrow

Breaks My Heart / This is What They Want
Released in 1986 this was well after the event and was partly responsible by a certain Mark Johnson . The band play well and are tight, if only a little a bit out of tune (Chris). Most of the tracks are faithful to the recorded versions. The band do not sound very happy and even introduce 'British Way Of Life' as their crap new single !
An LP for the dedicated fan only.

The LP was re-released on Dojo in CD format and came with a nice booklet. I do not own a copy and would be interested in one. Dizzy says that it has sold out and at some point they might put it out. Interestingly Unicorn who put the LP orginally did not have the rights to re-lisence it on to Dojo.