Now It's Gone
Maybe Tomorrow
Something's Missing
The British Way of Life
In My Street
One More Minute
Turn Away Again
So Far Away
No One's Listening Anymore
This Is What They Want
BBC Sessions
Mods Mayday
So Far Away
Polydor POLS 1019, cass POLSC 1019
Highest chart position : 30, 3 weeks on chart
Released: May 15th 1980

Side One
Maybe Tomorrow
(Chris Pope)
Happy Families
(Chris Pope)
Brakes My Heart
(Chris Pope)
Tumbling Down
(Chris Pope)
Hold On, I'm Coming
(Hayes & Porter)
I'm Not Sure
(Chris Pope)
Side Two
Something's Missing
(Chris Pope)
It's No Use
(Chris Pope)
What Are We Gonna Do Now
(Billy Hassett)
She Said, She Said
(Chris Pope/Billy Hassett)
So Far Away
(Chris Pope)

A brilliant LP from start to finish. Including only two singles (unlike today when the whole LP gets released (Travis, Stereophonics')).

The first side is the most consistent with 'Hold on I'm Coming', the only tune letting it down. Maybe Tomorrow has been discussed already. 'Happy Families' sentiment is 'this is how life is so you better put up with it' . The songs inspiration must have been the English institution that is 'Sunday afternoon round the families'. We all smile and put up with it.
'Breaks My Heart' is the band at it's best. The chorus gets me every time. This is how a song should sound . 'Tumbling Down' again is brill. The lyric sounds like a remake of 'David Watts' but deals with the exam system in this country. 'You go to school, do as you are told, pass exams, etc.. and you will be someone' ABSOLUTE BOLLOCKS, exam passes do not make an intelligent person, all exams do is say you can remember. The lyric is still relevant in today's world where more and more kids are being sorted into the those who have and have nots.
'Hold on I'm coming' is okay but lets down the first side. 'I'm Not Sure' has to be the fastest song on the LP. The lyric as before deals with the boss man pushing me down. How much speed did they take to record this? (apparently the band was straight for the whole LP session ED) On recordings in the studio bands usually slow down, so bugger knows how fast this would have been live. It also ends the side.

Side Two starts with 'Something Missing' a different vocal to the single in that it includes the 'fuck' word. 'It's No Use' sounds forced until it gets to the chorus upon which the song lifts and goes for it. A great guitar solo before crashing to a halt on the last chorus.
Billy's 'What We Gonna Do Now' is a usual boy girl stuff and doesn't go anywhere for me. The trance like vocal on the fade out is reminiscent of the 'Yardbirds'. Another cover this time from the Beatles 'She Said, She Said' from the brilliant 'Revolver'. An unusual cover but well executed. Buddy said in an interview that he wished that song had been replaced with another original. I think in hindsight that he may be right, but then it's always easier said after the event.
'Dreamdolls' remind us why Billy was the singer. Quite obviously about girl models. The song is a welcome change in lyrical content, but it is over shadowed with the song that follows.
'So Far Away' is my favourite, always has been and always will be. Apparently written about ' Jimmy Pursey' it would make sense after the initial fiasco of getting the band signed. The amount of times I have wished I could have been 'So Far Away' is unmeasurable. It's the song that I always think of when I'm bored with work. The basic structure of the song is classic 'Chords'. When it was played at Mods Mayday in 1999 it took a 'German mod' (hello (Guten Tag) Dennis ) to pull me down from the ceiling.
For a debut LP 'So Far Away' is very good if a little one dimensional. It has stood the test of time and doesn't sound that unlike a lot of contemporary bands. If you think I'm looking through rose tinted glasses I don't give a shit.

Now the LP has been lisenced to Captain Mod records it is at last available in CD format. As to be expected the sound quality is much improved and the drums sound more defined. I won't write a review as the is nothing new on the CD, all the tracks have been available before, but it is nice to have them all one disc. Copies are available from Captain Mod and Detour records.

N.B. A limited edition came with a re-recording of
'Now I'ts Gone' (Chris Pope) b/w 'Things we said' (Martin Mason)
Polydor KRODS 1 (2814 203)
A straight remake of the debut single. I assume because the band were unhappy with the original mix or was it to be included on the LP. The playing is much better and so I would recommend getting a copy. The b-side, sorry Martin, again it's poor. The title reminds me of 'Things we said today' by the Beatles, the song even uses the line once. A great freebie or a marketing ploy, Polydor were renowned for such ploys at the time to gain high chart placings in the first week of sale i.e. 'Going Underground' bonus single.

The cover was inspired by the second LP by The Spencer Davis Band.

So Far Away.mp3
Download the title track. It is the whole song so it may take a while.