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One More Minute
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Mods Mayday
One More Minute (Chris Pope) / Who's killing who (Chris Pope)
Polydor POSP 270
Highest chart position : 87, 2 week on chart
Released: May 8th 1981

Six months on from the last single the Chords have a new singer, Kip (ex Vibrators). One More Minute is the most mature song from the band and the playing is very good. The overall sound is reminiscent of the Undertones single 'It's Gonna Happen'. The band had been friendly with the 'Undertones' and had played several times with them.

What is interesting is that the 'Undertones' were also going through a transitional stage. Both bands were starting to sound dated and change was needed. Even the Jam had introduced a brass section to their line up. In 1981 you had to be pretty and look like bloody 'Duran Duran' or 'Spandu Ballet'.

But whilst I have been discussing the time, place and current music trends of the time, I have missed that 'One More Minute' is pure pop. It would have sounded great on the radio. I particularly love the sound of the guitar on the solo. It is a very good single. I think that it must have been a make or break single for the band.

After such an up sounding A side, the second fails to do anything and is second rate Chords.

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