Now It's Gone
Maybe Tomorrow
Something's Missing
The British Way of Life
In My Street
One More Minute
Turn Away Again
So Far Away
No One's Listening Anymore
This Is What They Want
BBC Sessions
Mods Mayday
In My Street (Chris Pope) / I'll keep on holding on (Ivy Hunter / William Stevenson)
Polydor POSP 185
Highest chart position : 50, 4 weeks on chart
Released: Oct 10th 1980

'In My Street' has never been a favourite of mine. The lyric retreads the ground already covered by 'British Way of Life' and reminds me of Sham's 69's 'Angel with Dirty Faces'. The production is this time by Mick Glossop, the guitars are knocked back and not so distorted. It sounds like a band who has escaped the initial sound that is associated with themselves and are moving on, hence the song doesn't suit the treatment given.

If the song had been the only single by the Chords I would be saying 'what a blinding single' but it's eclipsed by better elsewhere.

The second side is a cover of the 'Marvalettes' via the 'Action' and a good rendition it is. Along with 'Hey girl' these would have been live favourites. The inclusion of the song also brings to light where the band starting to run out of material ???

Single Reviews
Much more creditable post-Mod fare; a gloroiusly full production by Mick Glossop backed by that familiar Who derived pumping bass. If the lyrical content is a bit self-righteous put it down to youth enthusiasm.
Record Mirror 16 / 10 / 80

Embelishments on football chants have been good commercial fodder since Sham did "The kids are United". The odd Who riff, and an earnest, vigorous performance combine to create a blitizing effect that doesn't allow you a second to breathe. They play too hard at the mean street-wise bit yet still leave you feeling unoffended.
Melody Maker 11 / 10 / 80

The modern motto is obviously 'if in doubt, attempt to plagarise the Jam. At least they could have the talent and dinity to make a decent attampt.
Sounds, 11 / 10 / 80

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