Now It's Gone
Maybe Tomorrow
Something's Missing
The British Way of Life
In My Street
One More Minute
Turn Away Again
So Far Away
No One's Listening Anymore
This Is What They Want
BBC Sessions
Mods Mayday
The British Way of life (this is the life) (Chris Pope) / The way it's gotta be (Billy Hassett)
Polydor 2059 258
Highest chart position : 54, 3 weeks on chart
Released: july 4th 1980

The title gives this one away. 'I swallow my dreams like my beer' never a better statement of any young lad. How many people do you meet in the pub moaning about the wife and life is shit because I had to marry her. A celebration of everything that is English. This is finest 'Orwell' observation, wishing that there was something else and that life could be that little bit easier.

I often wonder if Chris is saying whether he likes it or not. The song has such passion, of course he loves being English, but hates all the shit he has to deal with ? I liken it to 'Blur's' 'Girls and Boys' a celebration or taking the piss ????

'The Way It's Gotta Be' good song and not so much thrashing guitar. The acoustic guitar makes a welcome difference to the otherall sound. The songs mix see the band starting to mature. The song also reminds me 'Who's Next' era Who, I think it's the pace and Buddys rolls are very 'Moon' like in this song.

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