Now It's Gone
Maybe Tomorrow
Something's Missing
The British Way of Life
In My Street
One More Minute
Turn Away Again
So Far Away
No One's Listening Anymore
This Is What They Want
BBC Sessions
Mods Mayday
Something's Missing (Chris Pope) / This is what they want (Ascott/Hassett/Mason/Pope)
Polydor POSP 146
Highest chart position : 55, 3 weeks on chart
Released: April 18th 1980

By the release of ' Something's Missing' the band had worked out how to get the sound they were after. Again produced by 'Andy Arthur'. The structure of the song is very similar to 'Maybe Tomorrow' with a key change to lift the last third of the song.

The songs lyric deals with usual kids, nothing to do, want something to do. I get the feeling the lyric is speed induced and reminds me of the Who's debut 'I Can't Explain'. The line 'I can't tell what will and what might', sums up to me the mixed feelings you go through whilst 'consuming amphetimes' is brilliant.

The B side an instrumental sounds like jamming in the studio. Inspired by 'The OX' and 'Grow your own' ??????.

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