Now It's Gone
Maybe Tomorrow
Something's Missing
The British Way of Life
In My Street
One More Minute
Turn Away Again
So Far Away
No One's Listening Anymore
This Is What They Want
BBC Sessions
Mods Mayday
Now it's gone (Chris Pope) / Don't go back (Martin Mason)
Polydor 2059 141
Highest chart position : 63, 2 weeks on chart
Released: Sept 14th 1979

Impressive debut single. The A side is built around 'A suspended' chords heavily influenced by The Who. The drums help the drama with lots and lots (too many ed ?) rolls. Luckily half way through it goes down before the guitar drenched ending.

The B side is okay, very of it's time, with the playing very manic. The backwards guitar solo is good. The song's ending reminds me of early Clash.

As a debut you sense the producer is trying to capture the live spirit of the band. Somewhere though it gets a bit messy, but what it lacks in technical quality is easily made up for in an enthusiastic performance. Interestingly the producer is 'Peter Wilson' who 'Weller' liked working with so much later on. It makes me wonder whether there was enough time to develop the single fully. Possibly it was only the first or second time in the studio for the band ? If you want to be picky the guitars sound more defined on the B-side 'Don't Look Back'.

I don't know because I wasn't there but I imagine that 'Now it's Gone' was the best tune at the time. The Chords sound is easily recognisable but not as defined as later singles.

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