Martin Mason will be in the Chat room 19th April 8pm (GMT).

CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE CHAT ROOM (a seperate window will open)

Chords Chat Room
Feel free to use this chat room, when ever you want. At certain times the band will be on line, to answer your questions. I will advertise the times via the newsletter.
To use the Chat room, you will need to have 'Shockwave 8' installed. To get shockwave follow this link. It will take few minutes, less than five to download and should install automatically.

Instructions on using 'Chat Room'
1) You have to think of name to use i.e. andyscooter.
2) Insert your name in the 'Log-in'.
3) Press the okay button.. This will then connect you to the server.
i) If you enter the chat room okay, it will say 'Welcome to the chat room' in the box.
ii) If you haven't managed to connect it may be that the amount of people is at it's limit of fifty people. Please try again later
4) To ask a question, write text into the white box at the bottom. The press return / enter or the send button.
5) You text will then appear in the chat topic box.
6) To see who is already in the room, click on the tab 'Who's here'.

1) If there alot of people on at once please wait for your turn.
2) Please don't swear or talk about drugs, as minors maybe in the chat room.
3) Don't give out your address or phone, ask the person to e-mail you.
4) Do not make out that you are Billy, Martin, Buddy, Chris or me (moddyboy), it is not big and it is not funny.

If the chat room proves popular it will made to have private rooms etc. E-mail me with comment's Andy@goldhawkmusic.co.uk