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1996 : A reunion gig with 3 quarters of original band at the 100 club. 'British way of life' re-recorded with Dave Batchelor. Chris on vocals, The Who's brass section and Tony Barber from the Buzzcocks on Bass. Release date pending Other dates were played at this time (the author is reseacrching these at the moment)

1999 : May 2nd, The Forum, London

The Chords play 'Mods Mayday' 1999 . Set includes 'The Britsh Way of Life', 'Maybe Tomorrow' and 'So Far Away'. Also on the day 'Rosko', 'The Circles', 'The Killermeters', 'Small World', 'The Purple Hearts', 'Secret Affair' and 'The Squire'.

2000 : April 22nd, St Georges Hall, Liverpool

With The Circles, The Killermeters and The Jamm.
The set was :
1) Somethings Missing
2) I'm Not Sure
3) Now it's Gone
4) One More Minute
5) Tumbling Down
6) Breaks My Heart / Twist and Shout
7) Turn Away Again (I don't think this song was played)
8) So Far Away
9) British Way of Life
10 ) Maybe Tomorrow.

Liverpool Easter 2000

Summer 2000: So Far Away is re-released, The CD only release includes the LP tracks and the 'Billy' singles.

2000 , October 25th:
Chords play 'Mods, a very British Phenomenon' book launch at 'The Rythym Factory' Whitechapel, London. Ed Ball fills in for the holidaying Martin Mason, he does very well. The band play well and in the encore guest with Damien (from The Undertones and That Petrol Emotion).
The set was :
1) Somethings Missing
2) Keep on Keeping On
3) Now It's Gone
4) One More Minute
5) So Far Away
6) British Way Of Life
7) Maybe Tomorrow
8) Teenage Kicks
9) Sha La La Lee

2000 , November 20th: 'This is what they want' is released. The Cd is put out by Universal a Polydor subsiduary. The Double CD comes with a slip cover and extensive sleeve notes. The tracks are everything the Chords have ever recorded with a couple of execptations.

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